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NOV | DEC 2012 VOL. 16 ISSUE 6 W ritten B y THE MAGAZINE OF THE WRITERS GUILD OF AMERICA, WEST © Columns 10 Take Five by Lisa Rosen Emily Kapnek doesn’t live here anymore. She moved to Suburgatory . 14 Film liT by Marilyn Beker Writing a social-issue script? Moral dilemma got you blocked? Steal this book. 22 TAMING THE TIGER by RiChaRD sTayTon A tiger and boy adrift in a lifeboat? Life of Pi could never be a movie— until Ang Lee called David Magee. 30 PERSISTENCE OF VISION by louise FaRR In the searing documentary West of Memphis, Amy Berg and Billy McMillin expose criminal injustice. 38 DARKNESS MADE VISIBLE by louise FaRR Rape in the American military has metastasized to epidemic proportions, proved by Kirby Dick’s The Invisible War . 46 HEY, HEY, THEY WROTE THE MONKEES by Rosanne WelCh An iconic TV show’s creators remember The Monkees and some of the 1960s. 20 The Job by Mark Boal Hunting Osama bin Laden’s assassins for Zero Dark Thirty . DePaRTmenTs 2 Fade In 6 Writers’ Room 64 In Memoriam cover portrait of david magee and contents image of damien echols by tom keller

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