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LETTER FROM THE EDITOR Since launching our pilot project, SEE Turtles, in 2008, I have had to learn many new skills. I have had to become a marketer, tour guide, public speaker, educator, and activist. But it was during a recent two-week trip visiting sea turtle conservation projects that SEEtheWILD supports in Central America (see Central America’s Hidden Turtles), that I encountered some of the steepest learning curves I’ve had to ascend. That long and arduous trip to El Salvador and Nicaragua was the first time I played the role of journalist and photographer. I’d heard from photographer friends that taking pictures in the field is hard, but this first foray into photography was trial by fire – and ice. At times, I had to squint through my sweaty viewfinder to take pictures on broiling hot days (though I was much cooler than the hardworking researchers I was photographing). During an overnight bus ride, I spent several sleepless hours braving the cranked-up air conditioning to study my camera’s owner’s manual. I was a slave to the light, forgoing precious sleep to capture images in the early-morning and late-afternoon light. I pushed my colleagues’ patience to the limit by asking endless questions and hustling to get just a few extra frames. “Downtime” was spent going through photos and collecting notes. It was sublime. This was a new way for me to travel, but as the journey progressed I found myself mentally framing images and stories all the time. Looking through those new physical and mental frames gave me a different perspective on the places I was visiting, allowing me to immerse myself in ways I didn’t know were possible. Learning and challenging yourself is one of the great benefits of travel. Forgo the easy route of lounging by the pool and get out into the wild and out of your comfort zone and you won’t regret it. That’s the essence of what SEEtheWILD wants travelers to do. Improve yourself and the world around you when you travel. It may not be the most relaxing vacation, but it may be the most rewarding. This issue of WildHope shares the story of my Central America trip as well as other similar journeys. Our friend Don Mankin writes about his experiences in India, while conservation photographer Steve Winter captures images of tigers across Asia, and SEEtheWILD co-founder Dr. Wallace J. Nichols finds plastic everywhere he goes. We hope you enjoy reading. Director & Co-Founder, SEE Turtles & SEEtheWILD Brad@SEEturtles.org photo: Neil Ever Osborne/SEE Turtles 5

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