The Atlanta Lawyer The Atlanta Lawyer November 2012 : Page 5

president’s message opposition to her assault. Truth and justice truly are stronger than fear and intimidation. Non violent resistance is far more powerful than mindless violence and intimidation. In light of the brave struggle of people like Malala, we all must cherish our hard won rights and freedoms. Perhaps it is only in the absence of a thing that we learn to appreciate the having of it. It is hard to imagine most school children in this country fighting and dying for the right to go to school. But if they were actually forbidden an education, perhaps they would appreciate it all the more. I recall the lawyers in Pakistan taking to the streets in support of the rule of law and all of us wondering if we would have the courage to take such action should our own institutions be threatened. With luck, we will never have to find out. The only way to insure we maintain our freedoms and rights, however, is to exercise and appreciate them. So, GET OUT THERE AND VOTE! ■ Connect with us now just click the icons below The Official News Publication of the Atlanta Bar Association November 2012 THE ATLANTA LAWYER 5


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