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S P E CIAL AD VER TIS IN G S E CTI O N When Am I Supposed to Have My First Mammogram and How Often? The American Cancer Society recommends that • All women age 40 and older should have a screening mammogram every year and should continue to do so as long as they are in good health. • Women in their 20’s and 30’s should have a clinical breast exam by a healthcare professional at least every three years. Following the American Cancer Society’s guidelines outlined above improves the chances for breast cancer to be detected in the early stages, when breast cancer is the most treatable AND curable. When it is time to schedule either your first mammogram or your annual mammogram, Rhode Island Medical Imaging provides you with the assurance that all mammograms are read by women’s imagers – physicians specifically trained to read breast imaging. The women’s imagers at RIMI are also the physicians who read mammograms at Rhode Island Hospital, Women & Infants Hospital and The Miriam Hospital, combining Level 1 hospital expertise with the convenience of an out-patient setting. Financially Fit Fighting cancer requires physical strength and financial awareness. by Carol Ann Donnelly A breast cancer diagnosis is uncontrollable, and there is no way to prevent it. Yet, everyone can control their personal finances. It isn’t easy for many people to do in these troubling eco-nomic times, but young people especially need to heed the advice of their parents to save for a rainy day. The invincible attitudes of the young give them false senses of security. They be-lieve they are immune from serious illness. But when a young woman is diagnosed with breast cancer, that imag-inary force field crashes down and she realizes that cancer is going to affect every aspect of her life, including her fi-nances. “A whole host of choices comes with a cancer diagnosis. Some of these choices are tied to treatment, but other choices relate to a financial life that has suddenly been changed by unforeseen events,” says Betsey Purinton, a Certified Financial Planner™, prac-titioner and managing director of StrategicPoint Investment Advisors. Financially Fit continued on page 104 » • Botox ® (Dr. Enzer has over 20 years experience with Botox ® ) • Dysport ® and Xeomin ® • Restylane ® , Perlane ® • Juvederm ® • Sculptra™ • Radiesse ® • Esthetician Services (Seasonal themed facials, chemical peels, and skin care plans) 401.432.2400 104 RHODE ISLAND MONTHLY www .rimirad.com l OCTOBER 2012

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