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SEPTEMBER | OCTOBER 2012 VOL. 16 ISSUE 5 W ritten B y THE MAGAZINE OF THE WRITERS GUILD OF AMERICA, WEST © Columns 6 TribuTe to Frank Pierson by Loring Mandel 10 TribuTe to Gore Vidal by F.X. Feeney 24 The Good Doctor Farr By louise 14 Take FiVe by Lisa Rosen Ask Stephen Chbosky what The Perks of Being a Wallflower has to offer. Writer, heal thyself and get on board the Storybus with Neal Baer. Warning: He never stops. 32 Speaking Their Language By LISA ROSen 16 The Job by Sharon Elizabeth Doyle How writing parted the Red Sea—then calmed the waters. The ABC Family teen drama Switched at Birth pushes hearing-impaired adolescents into high school bedlam. Lizzy Weiss tells why it’s music to their ears. 40 A Charmed Event By 18 Tools by Todd Aaron Jensen Those backbreaking, heartbreaking weekend reads are necessary after all. PAuL CHITLIk Childhood polio allowed Ben Lewin empathy for The Sessions between a surrogate and her disabled client. 44 Writer in the Water By 20 alTsCreen by David Grayson Lees While The 99 is held hostage, the animation series turns serious. TObIAS GRey Jerzy Skolimowski taught Roman Polanski how to swim, not drown, in language, beginning with Knife in the Water . DeParTmenTs 2 Fade In 56 Fade Out cover portrait of neal baer by jilly wendell contents page : S witched at B irth set by ron tammariello

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