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100 Content Marketing Examples July 2012 : Page 50

10 0 CONTENT MARKETING E X AMPLE S 86 The Murphy Bed Buyer’s Guide Company: Old Creek Wall Bed Factory Originally featured in: The 2011 Content Marketing Playbook Description: The Murphy Bed Buyer’s Guide is a “content platform”, or site that allows users to assemble a directory of resources from blogs, bulletin boards and databases to picture galleries, video streams and link lists – all around a topic of interest. With its Knol platform, Old Creek Wall Bed Factory educates potential customers and positions itself as the trustworthy authority in a very niche business. Example: Browse the Buyer’s Guide Warning! W Leveraging a content platform can work because you are leveraging your content AND the credibility of the platform site (i.e., Google Knol, Squidoo, etc.). But you ultimately have no control over these sites… they can remove your content at any time. It might be a good idea to house your content asset on your blog or media site and repurpose it onto the content platform. 87 The Bulldog Reporter Teleseminar Company: Various Originally featured in: The 2011 Content Marketing Playbook Description: Don’t have time for a full webinar? How about hosting a teleseminar? These phone-call presentations often feature a more simplistic style, sometimes providing additional content pieces (like a PowerPoint presentation) to participants before or after the call. A recent example of this is the teleseminar, “Branded Content PR: Think Like a Publisher to Attract Followers, Boost Sales Leads and Skyrocket Visibility.” During the event, Joe Pulizzi and Jonathan Kranz joined Brad Schwarzenbach of Tippingpoint Labs and Diane Thieke of Dow Jones in a content-focused panel discussion targeted to PR pros. Though a panel format is more complicated than a solo talking head, it opens opportunities for diverse opinions – and creative conflict. 50

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