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100 Content Marketing Examples July 2012 : Page 47

10 0 CONTENT MARKETING E X AMPLE S 80 Stages Digital Magazine Company: Fidelity Originally featured in: The 2011 Content Marketing Playbook Description: If you don’t have the resources or propensity to invest in a print publication, then you should at least consider creating a digital magazine for your company. As a hybrid between the traditional magazine and a spruced-up PDF, these pieces offer self-contained, visually compelling periodical content that doesn’t require special software to open and read. For example, Fidelity’s Stages digital magazine captures the look and feel of traditional printed content while adding convenient features for online readers, like searching and printing, that are entirely unique to digital. Example: See Stages 81 The Furrow Digital Magazine Company: John Deere Originally featured in: The 2011 Content Marketing Playbook Description: John Deere has been publishing its corporate magazine, The Furrow since 1895. As a way to bridge the gap between its print and online audiences, the company created an online PDF version of the popular magazine. Same great content, images and layout, only digital! The magazine, like most successful custom publications, speaks to the interests of its readers without overly promoting its brand. Articles range from environmental issues, farming, world hunger and other notable topics. Example: Browse The Furrow Digital Magazine Tip: Di Consider adding video, podcasts or other multimedia to add depth to your magazine’s content. 47

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