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100 Content Marketing Examples July 2012 : Page 45

10 0 CONTENT MARKETING E X AMPLE S 76 Social Media Examiner “Stories” Company: The Social Media Examiner Originally featured in: The 2011 Content Marketing Playbook Description: Creating content that’s not about your brand, but rather about the topics your audience is interested in, is a great way to build trust with your readers. One way to do this is to curate content from across the web and deliver it to your readers in an easy-to-read way (make sure it’s not all your company’s content, too!) A free online magazine, Social Media Examiner (and its ubiquitous khaki-wearing mascot) does just that, as it cuts through the social media jungle to blaze trails of marketing and communications insight. Example: Read the Examiner 77 Navy for Moms Community Company: U.S. Navy Originally featured in: The 2011 Content Marketing Playbook Description: An online community is similar to a microsite, except this is where your customers, not you, do most of the talking. The objective of a community is to have a large amount of user-generated content on the site, with the brand sponsoring the pages and providing a forum for people with like interests to interact. Navy For Moms serves as such a community for a very niche audience. Now, people don’t have to rely on just the promises of military recruiters, because they can hear the authentic voices of real Navy parents. On the community, parents share concerns, stories, ideas (like how to send Christmas packages overseas) and more in an interactive setting. Example: Visit the Community 45 Do have the time or Don’t resources to build a new community from scratch? Consider leveraging Facebook or LinkedIn first. If your customers are already hanging out in one place, it makes no sense to move them to another site. Just find new ways to request user input, start discussions and share customer-driven content.

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