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100 Content Marketing Examples July 2012 : Page 43

10 0 CONTENT MARKETING E X AMPLE S 72 Jet… Set… Tweet (JetBlue Twitter Account) Company: JetBlue Originally featured in: The 2011 Content Marketing Playbook Description: Social media is all around us, and a deeply integrated aspect of our content marketing strategies. Twitter is a great way to reach your customers at light-speed, helping you join conversations, respond to complaints and share deals and discounts with the click of your mouse. One company that’s using Twitter in some cool ways is JetBlue. By its nature, travel is very much an industry on the move with a very mobile customer base. JetBlue has taken flight with a Twitter presence that addresses customer needs and gives the company important insights on its customers’ concerns. Example: Join the Tweets To boost your Twitter efforts, you may want to look at additional tools such as: 1. Klout: Who has social media mojo? Klout offers an influence measurement that ranks social media mavens and wannabes on a 1 – 100 score. 2. Twitalyzer: Type in a Twitter username and, voila, Twitalyzer maps its follower base, giving you a way to visualize the physical breadth and depth of social media impact. 73 Eloqua’s WOW-Worthy Webcasts Company: Eloqua Originally featured in: The 2011 Content Marketing Playbook Description: Webinars (also called webcasts) are great ways to engage with your audience live, while providing a plethora of content to leverage across other online and print channels. Webinar content can be used for blog posts, articles, white papers, podcasts, Q&As on Facebook, “live tweeting” on Twitter and so much more. One company using webinars well is marketing automation company Eloqua, which has a treasure trove of online events in its Resources section. This not only helps prospects searching on its website, but is an integral sales resource depending on the specific customer challenge. Example: Watch the webinars 43 How long should your webinar be? One hour seems to be the sweet spot… with 45 – 50 minutes dedicated to the presentation and 10 –15 minutes allotted for Q&A.

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