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100 Content Marketing Examples July 2012 : Page 41

10 0 CONTENT MARKETING E X AMPLE S 67 Kelly Services Articles Company: Kelly Services Outsourcing and Consulting Group Originally featured in: The 2011 Content Marketing Playbook Description: A flexible medium, both in length and format, an article opens opportunities for companies to address issues, trends, concerns and topics of immediate interest to their intended audiences. An ongoing article publishing campaign, complemented with a roster of speaking engagements, has been the traditional tool for establishing thought leadership in numerous industries. For examples of articles done well, check out Kelly Services Outsourcing and Consulting Group. The company posts regular articles educating customers on workforce solutions and key outsourcing issues. The Kelly team also integrates opinions from key industry thought leaders with those of Kelly staff to make this a truly helpful resource. Example: Read the Kelly Services OCG articles 68 Mobile Mistakes eBook Company: Gomez Originally featured in: The 2011 Content Marketing Playbook Description: An eBook is sometimes thought of as a white paper on steroids. It’s a report, generally 12 – 40 or more pages in length, that presents complex information in a visually attractive, reader-friendly format. The content is both informative and entertaining; the tone, collegial; the format, “chunky” rather than linear, to facilitate skimming and scanning. One company doing eBooks well is Gomez. With mobile on the move, Gomez is taking advantage of this momentum with its provocative eBook, 20 Common Mobile Mistakes , that counters mobile errors with performance wisdom. Example: Read the eBook 41

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