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100 Content Marketing Examples July 2012 : Page 38

10 0 CONTENT MARKETING E X AMPLE S 61 The Endless Vacation iPad App Company: RCI Originally featured in: Must-See Content Marketing Examples from 2011 Description: RCI, the largest timeshare vacation network in the world, has embraced the future of content marketing and focused on creating the great content that its readers want, helping the brand own the travel category. What was once a custom-published magazine available only in print, Endless Vacation (from RCI, a client of Story) moved beyond the boundaries of glossy paper and onto the iPad. The application allows readers to delve deeper with interactive articles, photo galleries, alternate covers (just shake it!), panoramas and more. Example: Explore the App 62 Kendall Jackson Wines – QR Codes Company: Kendall Jackson Wines and 44Doors Originally featured in: 6 Things to Know About Using QR Codes in Content Marketing by Nate Riggs Description: Want to learn more about wine before you buy? Kendall Jackson Wines has found the answer in its tags and labels that now feature QR codes. This helps Kendall Jackson offer its customers all kinds of different information at the point of purchase. It’s relevant, timely and unique, which can influence the ultimate purchase decision. The code also contains links to its social sites, emails, coupons, commerce and other content pieces. Example: See a graphic explaining how the QR code works from the original article. 6 Tips on Using QR Codes for Content Marketing 1. Know where your audience is and what they need when they encounter your QR code. 2. Suggest a QR code reader for your audience to use. 3. Use an appropriate call to action. 4. Create the right landing page. 5. Display QR codes on a flat surface. 6. Always keep the process simple. 38

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