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100 Content Marketing Examples July 2012 : Page 35

10 0 CONTENT MARKETING E X AMPLE S 55 Infographic of the Day Company: FastCompany Originally featured in: Must-See Content Marketing Examples from 2011 Description: FastCompany’s Infographic of the Day uses data to tell a story. In each installment, the company also provides context around the infographic’s meaning so the reader can’t help but want to explore the interactive charts and share their cool data with others (contagious content is key!). Example: Check out the popular Infographic, “How Men and Women Differ When Making Big Sales.” (Thanks to CMI contributor CB Whittemore for her insights on FastCompany.) 56 kate spade Email Campaigns Company: kate spade Description: Fashion powerhouse kate spade has a very unique and specific company brand: From shoes to purses to accessories, the “kate spade woman” is a very distinguished and identifiable person. In its content marketing initiatives, kate spade maintains this style across its assets, including its innovative email campaigns. Such emails like “The color of the month is….” or “Fall in love again” (wedding boutique) use an attractive, simple and classy design coupled with catchy subject lines to attract readers who may otherwise be skimming their inboxes. This proves that big brands, even fashion brands, can transcend digital boundaries to enter the modern marketing age. Example: Visit the kate spade blog, “behind the curtain” for more examples, including interactive content, like the “Shop the Look” feature. 35

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