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100 Content Marketing Examples July 2012 : Page 33

10 0 CONTENT MARKETING E X AMPLE S 51 Orabrush “Bad Breath Detector” Video Company: Orabrush Originally featured in: Must-See Content Marketing Examples from 2011 Description: Need a giggle? Check out the Orabrush “Bad Breath Detector” video on YouTube. Over 1.7 million other people already have. Why? Because it’s a brilliant example of how content marketing can be just as effective (or more so) when silly and fun as when it’s educational and serious. Orabrush as a company has been around for a while and used to spend a lot of money on television advertising. It then decided to spend about $500 on a funny “Bad Breath Test” video that promoted the tongue cleaner on YouTube. Soon after that the company leveraged the popularity of the iPhone and a gullible audience to the hit video: Test Your Breath With an iPhone – Bad Breath Detector. Since then, they have been producing video after video on a well-optimized YouTube channel. As of this writing, its YouTube channel has received over 39 million views and has over 165,000 subscribers. Orabrush also has more than 295,000 fans on its Facebook page and over 4,000 followers on Twitter. The company has since signed agreements with major drugstore chains to stock the product on their shelves. A very successful content marketing campaign, to say the least. (Thanks to CMI contributor Arnie Kuenn for these insights.) Example: See the video 52 The Careers and Industry Guide Company: AMMA Originally featured in: Must-See Content Marketing Examples from 2011 Description: What do you do when you need to solve a problem, not only in your community but across your entire country, as well? Create a compelling, educational piece of content designed to bring together all the facts, tools and resources needed to help start solving your issues. That’s exactly what the Australian Mines and Metals Association did in 2011 with its Careers and Industry Guide, designed to help deal with the massive skills shortage it was experiencing and attract jobseekers both locally and overseas. The Guide contains over 700 high-quality, original articles and fact sheets on all aspects of living and working in the industry. It’s completely free of charge and has no advertising. A comprehensive social media campaign has also been developed to support the content and drive prospective jobs seekers to the site, including a daily blog post, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn activity. (Thanks to the Director of Site Content (CCO) Sarah Mitchell from AMMA for providing this information.) Example: Browse the guide 33

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