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100 Content Marketing Examples July 2012 : Page 29

10 0 CONTENT MARKETING E X AMPLE S 43 Fine-Fitting Content from GAP – Denim Video Vignettes Company: GAP Originally featured in: 12 Organizations Doing Content Marketing Right Description: It’s difficult to give your target customers the full experience of your products with just flat pictures on a website. That’s where video comes in as a handy content tool, because you can project your products from multiple views and highlight their various uses. GAP uses unique video content to promote its jeans with its denim video vignettes, embedded directly in their shopping interface. The videos briefly show multiple angles of a person wearing various fits and styles of their jeans. (Thanks to CMI contributor C.C. Chapman for his insights on GAP’s content marketing efforts.) Example: Check out which fit is right for you 44 Lauren Luke Instructional Videos Company: Lauren Luke Originally featured in: 12 Organizations Doing Content Marketing Right Description: In 2007, Lauren Luke began selling make-up products on eBay in an effort to subsidize her modest day job as a taxi dispatcher in Newcastle, England. In an effort to improve her eBay sales, Lauren began creating practical make-up application videos and distributed them on YouTube. Five years later, Lauren has her own brand of make-up distributed exclusively by Sephora, she has a series of teen books called Lauren Luke Looks , and she’s built a bigger brand than Estee Lauder on YouTube. Most impressively, Lauren Luke hasn’t spent a dime on traditional advertising. That’s content marketing at its finest. (Thanks to CMI contributor Andrew Davis for his insights on Lauren Luke’s content marketing efforts.) Example: Get the Looks 29

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