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100 Content Marketing Examples July 2012 : Page 28

10 0 CONTENT MARKETING E X AMPLE S 41 CREO Launch Microsite Company: PTC Originally featured in: Microsite Yields Big Results for PTC by Katie McCaskey Description: When PTC wanted to launch its new software suite, CREO, it built a microsite in order to build community and industry awareness and gain momentum prior to the go-live date. Here are three reasons why the microsite was so effective as a content marketing technique: 1. Topic boundaries were narrowly and clearly defined: PTC’s CREO microsite focuses on the CAD design technology industry as a whole. It also provides a behind-the-scenes look at the development process of CREO, the company’s recently released software. 2. Educational content was developed that invites contributor involvement: The CREO microsite is filled with commentary from CAD experts and specialized engineers. This bookends content contributed by CAD designers, software developers and other passionate laypeople. 3. Content is easily shareable: Passionate people are great ambassadors for other like-minded people. PTC makes it easy for their content to be shared in social media channels, such as Facebook and Twitter. Example: Visit the microsite 42 ”Behind the TEDTalk 2010” Video Company: TEDTalk 2010, M ss ng p eces and vimeo Originally featured in: 5 Engaging Video Ingredients: Deconstructing a TEDTalk Mini-Documentary by Thomas Clifford Description: The “behind-the-scenes” mini-documentary of a TEDTalk is a strong example of how companies can use video for their content marketing strategies. Why? Because it’s simple, it’s emotional and it’s intriguing. The interview portion of any video is its bread and butter. When interviewing, be sure to capture answers that reflect what the event means to people; consider what people are feeling and thinking. This will make for some powerful content. Another tip from the event is to shoot footage from various angles to make it interesting and unique. Finally, after the event be sure to interview key event participants to capture their enthusiasm and excitement. Example: Visit the microsite 28

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