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100 Content Marketing Examples July 2012 : Page 25

10 0 CONTENT MARKETING E X AMPLE S 35 Mint Life Community Company: Originally featured in: Are Financial Services Companies Wise Investors in Content Marketing? By Manya Chylinski Description: started out as a tool to help people understand and do more with their money, so it has a leg up on many other financial services sites. Mint Life, linked to from the Education section of, is a community where most of the content (versus the tools) resides. The format is a visually attractive three-column blog format, and Mint isn’t afraid to use color and graphics. The page has space for recent tweets, articles and links to the Mint Life Guides and its popular Facebook page. Articles are readable and relevant, creatively addressing topics that run the gamut of personal finance concerns: Foodie Vacations on the Cheap, 5 Incredibly Stupid Things Consumers Do Online, or Choosing a Broker (a compelling infographic). The site also continues to evolve with the times and remains relevant with its target audience; for example, it has a free mobile app to help customers keep track of their finances while they are on the go. Example: Visit Mint Life 36 WebMD Magazine Company: WebMD Originally featured in: Just How Healthy are Healthcare’s Content Efforts? by Manya Chylinksi Description: WebMD’s monthly magazine, available in print (for physician’s offices) and online (for everyone else), gives exclusive content to readers looking for the latest articles in healthy eating and healthy living. Every issue is available in-full every month in a simple, easy-to digest PDF format, with all back issues archived and content sharing and interactions available across the WebMD Magazine social sites (i.e., @WEBMDMagazine). The best part is that the magazine maintains the editorial standards of its broader website, meaning content is created or edited by medical professionals. Sign-up is also simple: Rather than needing to fill out long, complex forms, you’re asked to simply provide your email in order to receive reminders that the latest issue is available, allowing you to go read it on your own time. Example: Read the WebMD magazine 25

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