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100 Content Marketing Examples July 2012 : Page 24

10 0 CONTENT MARKETING E X AMPLE S 33 Agilent Puppet Chemistry Company: Agilent Technologies Originally featured in: 5 Content Strategies for Boring Brands by Patricia Redsicker Description: Agilent Technologies produces measurement instruments that help scientists, researchers and engineers measure variables in chemical analysis, life sciences and electronics. Ho hum, right? On the contrary. Going completely against type, Agilent resisted the typical dry technicalities in favor of the truly unexpected: a video puppet show. The highly engaging Agilent Puppet Chemistry is so far removed from the company’s brand image, it immediately disarms, intrigues and captures the audience. And that audience consists of scientists and chemists who work in research and forensic labs – an audience that is relying more heavily on the internet to research instruments and platforms. This technique proved to be highly successful for Agilent, increasing traffic to its website and encouraging more prospects to click through in search of more information. Example: See the Puppet Show 34 Liberty Tax Facebook Page Company: Liberty Tax Originally featured in: 5 Content Strategies for Boring Brands by Patricia Redsicker Description: Social media presents the perfect opportunity to start or join discussions that are about topics rather than you, giving companies the opportunity to participate in conversations that are already taking place on social sites without seeming product-centric, pushy or self-promotional. A good example is Liberty Tax, a tax service franchise (yawn)… with a Facebook audience of over 6,000 people! A quick look at its Wall reveals how Liberty uses a variety of tactics to engage its customers and create a lively atmosphere. They discuss Groupon deals, hold photo contests, show appreciation to different members of the community (teachers, policemen and firefighters, etc.) and so on. It also makes taxes fun (no, really!) by giving away free tax apps, and offering advice and tips on little-known tax credits, refunds, etc. Example: “Like” the Liberty Tax page 24

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