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100 Content Marketing Examples July 2012 : Page 20

10 0 CONTENT MARKETING E X AMPLE S 25 NC On Campus (Location-Based Services) Company: NC State University Originally featured in: “Take Your Content on Location with Location-Based Services” by Colleen Jones Description: If you’re going mobile with your content marketing, then consider location-based services (LBS). A location-based service is a network that provides content to your mobile phone or devices based on where you are (your physical location). As an example, North Carolina State University’s On Campus mobile app offers content and features that depend on a user’s location. Some examples include check-ins, event promotions, digital rewards, points, leader boards, maps of nearby locations, reviews and photo sharing. Since there’s so much happening on campus at any given time, On Campus features content about events very prominently, so students and faculty can know what’s happening anytime anywhere. To reward people for attending certain events, On Campus also cleverly incorporates its own branded badges. It’s like content candy. Example: Check out the app 26 Sherwin Williams STIR Magazine Company: Sherwin Williams Originally featured in: Sherwin Williams and Content Marketing: 5 Questions with Ellen Moreau by Joe Pulizzi Description: STIR Magazine, a custom content publication, targets a very specific audience that includes interior designers, architects and people who are simply passionate about decorating their homes. The online magazine combines high-quality articles, videos, interactive tools, blogs, events and “chatter” (comments from their social sites) into a comprehensive resource for people seeking ideas, inspirations, problem-solving tips and more. STIR was also recently made available as a tablet app, demonstrating the company’s commitment to making its content accessible (and readable) everywhere their audience wants it (plus it’s free!). Example: Experience STIR Magazine online 20

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