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100 Content Marketing Examples July 2012 : Page 14

10 0 CONTENT MARKETING E X AMPLE S 13 The Ford Story Online Community Company: Ford Originally featured in: Fab 15 Content Marketing Projects by Jeremy Victor Description: A successful online community not only shares your company’s messages, but allows your customer voices to be heard as well. Ford’s user community achieves this by combining Ford content with user stories, images and videos. The emphasis on the community is clearly on the visitor, as categories like “Your Stories” and “Your Ideas” weigh prominently on the community’s home page. This approach creates a loyal band of community followers who are motivated to contribute content in support of the community, and creates a powerful user experience as well. Example: Experience the community 14 The Friend Network Optimizer Facebook App Company: SAP Originally featured in: Fab 15 Content Marketing Projects by Jeremy Victor Description: Do you know who among your friends is an influencer? Try out SAP’s Friend Network Optimizer app for Facebook. This fun tool demonstrates, in small scale, what SAP does for businesses and is a great example of how to use social media, particularly apps, as a content outlet. Example: Experience the App D Do’s and Don’ts for Building a Loyal Community Following 1. Don’t be a show-off (it’s all about them!): Make your content about your visitors, or ask them to directly contribute. 2. Do educate openly and honestly: People can find information anywhere – be the place they get it from. 3. Do be a nurturer: Add community elements like a newsletter or blog to keep visitors engaged, provide updates and solicit contributions 4. Don’t just educate – socialize: Talking to your communi-ty members is the best way to ensure you’re giving them the information they actually want, not just the information you want them to have. Use a widget to bring together social media posts and tweets, and answer questions on your own forums. Above all, make sure it’s clear that you’re listening. 14

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