The Atlanta Lawyer June/July 2012 : Page 2

Simplified Issue 10-Year Level Group Term Life Insurance Peace of mind for your family—Protection for their future Atlanta Bar Association Plan Features t $PNQFUJUJWF3BUFTGPS.FNCFSTBOE4QPVTFT t 4JNQMJöFE*TTVFPòFSBWBJMBCMFUPBDUJWF.FNCFSTPG   UIF"TTPDJBUJPOVOEFSUIFBHFPG t -FWFM5FSN3BUFGPS:FBST&#0b; t #FOFöU"NPVOUTPG&#0d;GPS.FNCFSTVOEFSUIF   BHFPG&#0d;&#0d;GPS.FNCFSTVOEFSUIFBHFPG&#0d;   BOE&#0d;GPS.FNCFSTVOEFSUIFBHFPG t $PWFSBHFUPBHF&#0b; t 4JNQMJöFE"QQMJDBUJPOo/PNFEJDBMFYBNOFFEFE t *OEJWJEVBM1PMJDZ$POWFSTJPO0QUJPOBMMPXTDPOWFSTJPO  UPBOJOEJWJEVBMXIPMFMJGFQPMJDZXJUIPVUQSPPGPG   HPPEIFBMUI t "EEJUJPOBM#FOFöUTGPS.FNCFSTJODMVEJOH"DDFMFSBUFE  -JGF#FOFöUBOE0XOFSTIJQ5SBOTGFS t .FNCFSTNBZPCUBJONPSFJOGPSNBUJPOPOMJOF at TIME LIMITED OFFER! Don’t let this valuable Member Benefit pass you by – Call 1-888-ISI-1959 today Plan Administrator NDERWRITTEN BY: ReliaStar Life Insurance Company 20 Washington Avenue South Minneapolis, Minnesota 55401 *The initial premium pg will not change for the first 10 y years unless the insurance company p y exercises its right g to change g the premium pg rates for all insureds covered under the group pp policy and with 60 days advance written notice. Coverage reduces to 75% benefit at age 65 and 50% benefit at age 70. Policy Form LP00GP 2 THE ATLANTA LAWYER -XQH-XO\

Insurance Specialists, Inc.

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