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CONTENTS Features 12 Net Worth Sea turtle conservation travel in Baja Mexico Departments 18 Wildlife Conservation Travel 24 BLUEMIND & Baby Turtles 32 SEEtheWILD News 8 Partner News 10 Wildlife Advocacy Campaigns 11 Wildlife Conservation Tours 29 Return of the Black Turtle A Conservation Photo Essay 5 Tips for Your Next Vacation Your brain, the ocean, and wild animals Unique tours around the world New animals! New destinations! New partners! Updates from wildlife conservation organizations Take action to help protect endangered species 2 Cover Photo: SEEtheWILD co-founder Dr. Wallace J. Nichols holds a black turtle recently freed from a poacher’s net in Baja California Sur, Mexico. Photo: Neil Ever Osborne | Above Photo: A young hawksbill turtle returns to the sea in Costa Rica Photo: Neil Ever Osborne

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