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S P EC IAL AD VER TIS I N G S ECTI O N DENTIST PROFILES Rumford Dental Prosthodontics D R . V IC T OR IA B AE G E R started Rumford Dental, Inc. as a specialty dental practice to provide exceptional prosthodontic dentistry in a setting designed to meet every patient’s high expectations. This new, state-of-the-art practice uses all the latest dental technology: digital radiography to reduce the required radiation for x-ray imag-es, green engineering to minimize our impact on the environment, beautiful energy-efficient lighting to give us the most accurate tooth color matching possible! The office mission is to provide optimal dental health, function and beauty in a relaxed, supportive and friendly environment and all the staff takes great pride in meeting this goal. Dr. Baeger’s treatment philosophy is simple – to provide her patients Dr. Baeger and staff with the data they need to make informed decisions. New patients meet with the doctor first to discuss their health and dental concerns, whether relating to their teeth, diet and oral hygiene, or sleep apnea issues, and will have a thorough dental examination detailing all aspects of their teeth and function. New patients are always welcome, and we are able to offer payment plans and work with many insurance plans. As a specialty-focused practice, we provide care for people needing: • • • • • Repair or replacement of damaged or missing teeth Implant, bridge and denture treatment Veneers and tooth whitening Occlusal reconstruction Dental sleep apnea appliances Our website, www.rumforddental.com, has more information about the office as well as Dr. Baeger’s credentials and affiliations with the ACP, ADA, AADSM. Victoria Baeger, D.M.D. 20 Newman Ave., Rumford, RI 02916 401-434-4304, info@rumforddental.com

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