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Skating Registration Start Date: July 3 (open) No Classes: October 6, 8, 20, 2012 Don’t forget to purchase your parking pass when registering! 9 Week Programs Recreational Figure Skating Up to 16 years YSKF Once skaters have completed all the Kids Skate levels, they will be ready for this relaxed and fun introduction to figure skating. In a small group setting, skaters will work with a coach to learn basic figure skating skills like jumping, spinning, and artistry. Sep 20 -Nov 15 Sat 3:30pm -4:30pm $125 Kids Skate 5-8 9-14 years Has your ‘tween or teen completed Kids Skate 4 but not ready to hang up the blades yet? Keen skaters will hone their skills and improve technique to enjoy a lifetime of skating fun. Sep 20 -Nov 15 Sat 3:15pm -4:15pm $125 KIDS SKATE 5 YSKS500 Crossovers and 3-turns are the focus, but skaters will also improve their edge control and balance. KIDS SKATE 6 YSKS600 This is where skaters will learn backwards crossovers, mohawk turns, 3-jumps, and will improve skills learned in the previous level. KIDS SKATE 7 YSKS700 The focus in this level is on edge control, and learning how to connect steps and turns. KIDS SKATE 8 YSKS800 This final level has skaters doing tricky skills like shoot the ducks, waltzing turns, and figure eight crossovers. Program Requirements: Youth Skating & Hockey Please read course descriptions, age limits, and pre-requisites carefully. Failure to do so will compromise your child’s ability to participate and will decrease their enjoyment and chances of success. Online Informed Consent and Online Medical: All parents must complete this form prior to their child attending the course. Directions are available on your confirmation of registration. Age limits are strictly adhered to. Tots Skate participants must be age 3 on or before first lesson. Kids Skate participants must be age 6 on or before first lesson. Parented classes: Only children registered in Icetots and Little Kids Hockey require a parent. They may wear clean shoes or skates. All other parents/children must not enter the ice. Skates: Ensure correct skate fit, and lacing. Skates must fit like a running shoe, and be tightly, yet comfortably laced. If you are unsure, contact Rusty skates, new skates, and those used outdoors must be sharpened prior to first class. Helmets: Tots Skate and Kids Skate: CSA approved Hockey Gloves: helmet, cage optional. Absolutely no bicycle helmets. Kids Power & Hockey: CSA approved Hockey helmet with cage. Tots Skate and Kids Skate: gloves, mittens or hockey gloves are required. Kids Power & Hockey: hockey gloves. Stick: Kids Power & Hockey: Required Shin pads: Kids Power & Hockey: Required 4 REGISTER | WWW.UCALGARYRECREATION.CA/KIDS • (403) 220-7749

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