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SPRING 2012 VOL. 37, ISSUE 1 the legal investigator The Official Journal of the National Association of Legal Investigators Conducting a Batson Investigation to Determine Bias | p.4 Editor in Chief Richard Robertson Managing Editor Paul Jaeb 4 batson investigations Long time member Kitty Hailey, CLI provides an outstanding summary on conducting Batson investigations. Learn how Batson came about, what to do if you’re considering a claim, and the investigative tactics you need to be successful. Contributing Writer Contributing Writer Dean Beers, CLI Kathleen Cunningham The Legal Investigator is an official publication of the National Association of Legal Investigators, Inc. All rights reserved. Copyright 2012. Please send all requests, change of address and all other NALI business to: NALI, 235 North Pine Street, Lansing, MI 48933 Readers are cautioned that opinions expressed are those of writers and are not necessarily endorsed or supported by NALI or the editor/ publisher. Publication of advertising does not imply endorsement. All advertising is subject to the approval of the editor/publisher. Advertiser and advertis-ing agency assume all liability for all content (including text, repre-sentations, and claims arising therein from/ against the publisher and/or NALI. Legal Investigators as Consultants and Experts | p.10 10 criminal focus Learn how to use your expertise to provide services as a subject-matter consultant or expert witness. Hear why your clients — attorneys, insurance companies, businesses, etc. — often retain an expert in over 400 areas of expertise recognized by the courts. inside CIVIL FOCUS | p.14 Get the ground rules for Corporate Intelligence and expand business by developing information in opaque regions and industries, and ethically obtaining the facts, figures, and actionable intelligence that your corporate clients crave. features/updates MESSAGE FROM NATIONAL DIRECTOR | p.18 NALI National Director Terry R. Cox, CLI gives you details about the Annual Conference, candidates for the 2012-2013 term, the proposed constitutional amendment, 2012 legacy members, donations for the scholarship auction, and member benefits. ELECTION COVERAGE | p.20 See all Executive Council candidates, read candi-date statements from Harriet Gold and Dave John-son, and see the proposed amendent for vote at the annual convention. NEWS / UPDATES | p.22 Find out who’s been in the public eye, who’s been been busy behind the scenes, and whatever else your fellow NALI members have been up to over the last few months. the legal investigator 2

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