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Take a Hike continued from page 8 » the Arcadia Wildlife Management area in Exeter. You’ll follow the picturesque Falls River, pass an old sawmill, grist mill and dams, then reach a series of small waterfalls called the Stepstone Falls — arguably the best part. You might even see some trout on your three-and-a-half-mile round-trip. To find the trail, take Route 165 West (Ten Rod Road) to Frosty Hollow Road. Look for West Exeter Baptist Church and turn right onto a gravel road. Once you reach the intersection, turn left and park beyond the bridge. Look for the yellow-blazed trail and then the white trail that will lead you to the falls. Test Your Stamina NEWPORT’S FAMOUS Cliff Walk starts off at Memorial Boulevard and goes all the way to Reject’s Beach. Park at Easton’s Beach and walk up the hill along the ocean. You’ll spend three-and-a-half miles flanked by the sea on one side and mansions on the other. Don’t miss the Forty Steps (once a gathering place for servants that worked in the mansions) and Marble House’s Chinese-style tea house. The trail ends along cliffs, and you’ll walk over rocks that can sometimes be slippery, so watch your step! Another hike that requires some climbing is the Mount Tom Trail, which is also part of the Arcadia Wildlife Management area in Exeter. The panoramic views are not to be missed. Park at the Arcadia check station and canoe access lot on Route 165. Look for the white-blazed trail heading into the woods. You’ll walk through pines that were planted after 8,000 acres were destroyed in a 1951 fire. Then you’ll climb rocks along the ridge and in June, take in views of the mountain laurel at the top of the summit. It’s 460 feet tall — though it won’t feel like you climbed that high. The trail is five-and-a-half miles long and you might see some mountain bikers along the way. The Parker Woodland Trail in Coventry is a moderate, four-mile hike dotted with 10 RHODE ISLAND MONTHLY I RHODE TRIPS I 2012

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