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SUMMER 2012 VOL. 16 ISSUE 4 W ritten B y THE MAGAZINE OF THE WRITERS GUILD OF AMERICA, WEST © Columns 8 Take 5 An adorkable education for Brett Baer, Dave Finkel, and Liz Meriwether with New Girl . The MeNTORS & The MeNTOReD 20 Paying It Forward swanson By neely The Cosby Show saved the sitcom genre from extinction. And it taught a generation of writers—from Earl Pomerantz to Janet Leahy—how not to get a laugh. 28 A Gift of Independent Means By 12 The Job by Julie Sayres The etiquette of asking for notes and when to accept no for an answer. RIChARD STAyTON 16 Tools by Peter Lefcourt and Maria Elena Rodriguez Self-publishing for fun and loss. C’mon, you know you want to try it. Fairy tales can come true. Get out your handkerchiefs for Ruby Sparks, Zoe Kazan’s screenwriting debut. 38 Sleight of Hand By LISA ROSeN Why Jeff Eastin transforms the White Collar writers’ room into a classroom. 44 The House That Shore Built By LOuISe FARR DePaRTmenTs 2 Letters 4 Fade In 56 Fade Out “Everybody lies.” David Shore bids adieu to his unethical doctor, the best sleuth in the history of the medical profession. front cover portrait of janet leahy by tom keller back cover portrait of zoe kazan by jilly wendell contents page : the earl pomerantz computer desk stand by ron tammariello

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