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Standards of Care Staff Ridgeview Institute’s staff is highly skilled, experienced and compassionate. Each service is under the direction of a board certified psychiatrist or addictionologist. Our treatment team represents many professional disciplines, including medicine, nursing, social work, counseling, spir-ituality, as well as expressive and activity therapies. Staff has both a depth and breadth of psychiatric and addiction expe-rience, coupled with a strong commitment to working with patients through the treatment process. Treatment planning The treatment team, led by the attending psychiatrist or addictionologist, develops an individualized treatment plan for each patient. They meet regularly to review the patient’s progress and update treatment goals. A master’s level case manager, assigned upon admission, works closely with each patient to ensure the treatment plan is meeting the patient’s changing needs. Family services Treatment for the entire family is a critical component for all of Ridgeview’s services. Family therapy sessions, educa-tion groups and multi-family groups offer support and education for patients and their families during and after treatment. Family workshops across campus provide an additional opportunity for patients and families to begin the healing process. Discharge planning Discharge planning begins upon admission to Ridgeview. The treatment team works closely with each patient to set realistic goals for recovery and solidify gains made in treatment. We also work with patients and families to provide referrals to additional treatment, support groups and community resources that may be needed after leaving Ridgeview. “When you’re coming up from the bottom — having to start your whole life over — you need a place that teaches you, inspires you, and shows you what a new life can be like. That’s what Ridgeview did for me.“ — former patient 3

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