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Admissions When a person can no longer manage, it’s time to call Ridgeview. That first phone call may be the only one you need to make. Our Access Center specialists are available 24 hours every day in person or by phone, at no charge, to help sort out troubling situations. Ridgeview provides information about treatment options and insurance coverage; we can set up an immediate appointment for assessment or, if appropriate, can provide referrals. Our Access Center clinicians are also experienced in working with professionals referring patients to Ridgeview. They can assist in scheduling assessments, admitting patients and offering additional treatment recommenda-tions. If you are a professional referring a patient to Ridgeview, we provide a form on our website so that needed information can be faxed to the Access Center. (Go to www.ridgeviewinstitute.com, click on “referral sources,” then “how to refer a patient.”) If contacting us by phone, please provide as much of the following infor-mation as possible: U your name, relationship to the patient and phone number U a brief description of your patient’s problem and why you are making the referral U patient’s name, date of birth, social security number, address and phone number U insurance company, insured’s name, policy number and company phone number U any special instructions regarding treatment program, physician preference, release of information or desired follow up U possible times we can schedule the assessment Individuals seeking treatment, family members and refer-ral sources may contact our Access Center 24 hours a day at (770) 434-4567 or 1 (800) 329-9775 . The admissions process 1. Clinical assessment An Access Center clinician will complete a thorough, face-to-face assessment to gather information about current problems as well as behavioral health, medical and family history. The goal is to provide a treatment recommendation based on a patient’s current clinical and physical presentation. 2. Verification of insurance Our admissions staff will verify insurance benefits, often prior to a patient’s arrival at Ridgeview, to confirm that treatment will be covered. 3. Contact referral sources With permission, we will contact any referral sources or outpatient treatment providers. This allows us to communicate about relevant clinical information, thus improving both continuity and quality of care. 4. Consult/assign a Ridgeview physician After every assessment, a Ridgeview physician is consulted in order to obtain a treatment recommendation. If the patient does not have a Ridgeview physician, we will select one based upon treatment needs and insurance company requirements. 5. Precertification of admission When indicated, we will review the clinical findings of our assessment with an insurance company reviewer to obtain authoriza-tion for a patient’s admission. Following this process allows patients to more fully access their benefits. 6. Admissions representative An admissions representative will meet with the patient and family to review and obtain signatures on all necessary treat-ment and financial forms, as well as review insurance benefits and payments. 2

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