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APRIL/MAY 2012 VOL. 16 ISSUE 3 W ritten B y THE MAGAZINE OF THE WRITERS GUILD OF AMERICA, WEST © Columns 6 POV by GreGOry POirier AudienCes fleeing film for TV find missing . 10 Take 5 by Lisa rOsen Bff s lennon PArhAm And JessiCA sT. ClAir mAke BesT friends foreVer. 22 The First Corleone Family By Julio Martinez The Borgias offer Neil Jordan a Godfather prequel. 24 Zen & the Art of Hollywood Archery By Mary McnaMara Gary ross masters The Hunger Games . 14 FiLm LiT by TOm nOLan The unusuAl CollABorATion BeTween Tom ePPerson And Billy BoB ThornTon. ST AGE & SCREEN 32 Sanctuary By Mark roBerts Theater inspired Mike & Molly . 34 Closing Night By Paul Brownfield It’s showtime with Theresa rebeck. 44 On Receiving “Notes” By nicholas kazan Death of a Salesman isn’t free and clear. 46 L.A. 20 TOOLs by marc scOTT Zicree how To mAke your own film, from sCrATCh To sCriPT. dePArTmenTs 2 fAde in 8 wriTers’ room 56 fAde ouT to N.Y. By Mayo siMon a bicoastal life in television/theater. 50 Still Blooming Baby Boomers By steven Paul leiva Giving scripts seasoned readings. COVER PORtRAIt of Gary ross by tOM KELLER COntEntS IMAgE by ROn tAMMARIELLO

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