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president’s message highlight the leo frank case, with featured speaker dale M. schwartz (see page 27) every day these young lawyers work hard helping those less fortunate, and there are many more clients than they have time and resources to help. Yet, they make time to be involved with the atlanta bar, to plan programs for their own professional development, and to remind us about some of the remarkable things lawyers have done for our community. this summer will mark the 20th anniversary of our summer law intern program, known as slip. Most everyone knows, or should know, what an outstanding job our 96th President s. Wade Malone ( Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough ) has done with these high school kids. now Wade is joined by co-chairs, Nekia s. Hackworth (assistant united states attorney for the northern district of georgia) and Natasha Perdew silas (federal defender program), and the program flourishes. What I find most remarkable, however, is not what they continue to do to expose these young people to life in the legal profession, but rather that nekia and others, including darius T. Pattilo (DeKalb County D.A.’s Office), now a summer law intern host, themselves were interns in the program. their involvement and success demonstrate vividly the success of the slip program and a commitment to bringing along others as they themselves were brought along. i urge you to read their articles on pages 13 and 15. finally, in one of my weekly email messages, i asked our members to let me know of your leadership in non-legal community organizations. Many of you proudly responded and i know that for each of these, there are many others. We are pleased to include your responses on pages 30 and 31. there are so many other examples of lawyers as leaders in our community. Some are recognized by the organized bar for their service (see below). others quietly spend countless hours serving both law-and non-law-related organizations, while others spend time one-on-one as mentors. lawyers lead and make a positive difference in our profession and our community. this is just one reason i am proud to be a lawyer. ■ the state bar of georgia committee to promote inclusion in the profession held its 2012 commitment to equality awards ceremony on thursday, february 23, 2012 at the state bar of georgia. shown from left to right are R. Javoyne Hicks White , chair of the state bar of georgia committee to promote inclusion in the profession; Harold E. Franklin Jr. , 2012 recipient of the commitment to equality award; s. Wade Malone , 2012 recipient of the randolph thrower lifetime achievement award; Jessica Harper , 2012 recipient of the commitment to equality award and Craig Fraser , 2012 recipient of the commitment to equality award. The Official News Publication of the Atlanta Bar Association March 2012 THE ATLANTA LAWYER 5

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