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WINTER 2012 VOL. 36, ISSUE 4 the legal investigator The Official Journal of the National Association of Legal Investigators forensics focus 4 Attacking Forensics: This is Real Life, not C.S.I. | p.4 Read about how jurors may expect cases to be processed as they do in the TV shows they watch and why U.S. District Judge Nancy Gerter advises that defense teams “should vigorously challenge fingerprints, bullet identification, handwriting and other trace evidence and prosecutors should be prepared to show that it is valid.” Editor in Chief Richard Robertson Managing Editor Paul Jaeb Contributing Writer Kathleen Cunningham The Legal Investigator is an official publication of the National Association of Legal Investigators, Inc. All rights reserved. Copyright 2012. Please send all requests, change of address and all other NALI business to: NALI, 235 North Pine Street, Lansing, MI 48933 Readers are cautioned that opinions expressed are those of writers and are not necessarily endorsed or supported by NALI or the editor/ publisher. Publication of advertising does not imply endorsement. All advertising is subject to the approval of the editor/publisher. Advertiser and advertis-ing agency assume all liability for all content (including text, repre-sentations, and claims arising therein from/ against the publisher and/or NALI. Canadian Privacy Laws | p.8 8 civil focus Learn about the problems facing the Canadian investigator due to federal and provincial laws that regulate the collection, use and storage of personal information, how to obtain infor-mation in Canada, and how to explain to your clients why obtaining some information is so difficult and costly. inside CRIMINAL FOCUS | p.12 Find out how understanding the top 20 identifiable issues for law enforcement can help the defense investigator to better evaluate and examine a child sexual abuse case. features/updates MESSAGE FROM NATIONAL DIRECTOR | p.16 NALI President Terry R. Cox, CLI reviews the NALI conference, announces new members, and gives a heads up about the 45th Annual Meeting in Chicago. GUEST COLUMNIST | p.20 Learn what a professional investigator can do to prepare for and manage unreasonable client expectations. Get the critical guidelines to assist with taming overzealous clients and better facili-tate your future engagements. NEWS / UPDATES | p.18 Find out who’s been interviewed, who’s been on-the-air, and whatever else your fellow NALI members have been doing over the last few months. 2 the legal investigator

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