The Legal Investigator The Legal Investigator, Vol. 36, Issue 4 : Cover

WINTER 2012 VOL. 36, ISSUE 4 the legal investigator The Official Journal of the National Association of Legal Investigators Attacking Forensics This is Real Life, not Kathleen Cunningham | p.4 I CS GUEST COLUMNIST | p.20 Kevin Cosgrove, CFE, PI, MCJ pro-vides insight on managing cli-ent expectations. Get the critical guidelines to assist with taming overzealous clients and better fa-cilitate your future engagements. CIVIL FOCUS | p.8 Find out how Canada’s privacy laws make an investigator’s job dif-ficult, how to obtain information, and how to explain to clients why obtaining some information is so difficult and expensive. CRIMINAL FOCUS | p.12 Understand the top 20 identifiable issues for law enforcement that can help the defense investigator to better evaluate and examine inherently sensitive and emotion-al child sexual abuse cases.

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