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PERSONALIZED BREAST HEALTH PLAN and SECOND OPINION SERVICE at UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA COLLEGE OF MEDICINE — JACKSONVILLE SHAHLA MASOOD, MD Professor and Chair of the University of Florida Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Medical Director at Shands Jacksonville Breast Health Center For women, their partners, and their families, breast cancer is a challenging disease, and making the best decisions about treatment requires the services of experts who can thoroughly assess risk factors, diagnostic measures and treatment options. The Department of Pathology at UF & Shands Jacksonville Medical Center offers a Breast Pathology Consultation Service that is designed to provide second opinion, comprehensive risk assessment and individualized breast health education and counseling. The focus of this service is to provide a personalized breast health plan for each individual patient. Second opinion can be helpful in confirming a diagnosis of cancer and reducing the anxiety associated with choosing the best treatment option. Shahla Masood, MD, is an internationally recognized physician for her expertise in breast cancer diagnosis and prognosis. She has recently been named as one of the “Top 20 Influential Oncology Professors” in the world and one of the “Top Doctors in America” and among the most “Recommended Physicians in Florida.” She is also the Editor-in-Chief of “The Breast Journal.” Dr. Masood has received several awards for her service to the community, her “Global Breast Health Education Program” and her role as a patient advocate at local, national and international levels. If you would like to have a second opinion or a personalized breast cancer consultation, please contact Dr. Masood’s office at (904) 244-4387.

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