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FeBRuaRy/maRCH 2012 Vol. 16 Issue 2 W Columns 6 PoV by Michelle Obama The first lady gets the last word. 26 12 Take 5 by Denis Faye Transforming Ben 10 into the ultimate alien. 16 IllumInaTIng RealITy by Melissa Gage This year’s documentaries show us the way. 24 FRonT RunneRs by Julio Martinez applauding marcela gaviria & martin smith’s Frontline investigative journalism. DePaRTmenTs 2 letters 4 Fade In 8 Writers Room 96 Fade out Cover portrait of Tate Taylor by Tom keller aWaRDs season CoVeRsToRy Southern Gentleman By RoBeRt HaRling Tate Taylor offered a helping hand to his childhood friend. His reward—and ours—is a love story that made The Help a hymn of the South. 34 The Inventors By JoHn logan & BRIan selznICk Constructing child’s play into art. You go, Hugo! 40 A Gradual Ascent By RoB FelD The long climb of Nat Faxon, Jim Rash, and Alexander Payne to The Descendants. 48 Parks and Scripts By lIsa Rosen A little R&R with the staff behind the Parks and Recreation staff. 58 The Arc of the CIA Covenant By louIse FaRR Homeland trade secrets from the smartest spies in the scripting craft. 70 Writers Guild Award Nominees and Honorees Eric Roth, Marshall Herskovitz & Ed Zwick, Earl Kress and Dwayne McDuffie, Patric Verrone rittenBy THE MAGAZINE OF THE WRITERS GUILD OF AMERICA, WEST ©

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