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FAMILY FUN Qj in the kitchenl V Intemational School (w~ous ~Calgary French &: * rTAUAIiII C!iNIIIE SHOP IoatIans; ItIlllncentre. * CALGART CUMIING CEIfTIE (various locations,; hilS 1000ds of regionlll dellCKIes to help get)'Ou Inspired drop-In climbing. I new ~ r' ..... Dental Care "\ J lor Children dimbParkwith 21 """iI:aI climbing e11!r111!r'1tS,.nd lessons. [THE) SAlT (M1t.ciJ) oIIin iI hugol! ttlluugh their CIlIItInImg eduCMIan deplllvnent,.lndudlng MgIcmII food bilsla O'hiIlliind. Vletmm, F~ «cJ.1dIdIen li.ndimentills Ii"" krill! *-' IITId ..utHTIII1cing.and fun co ........ 1R""kI! decorating, CDClkaoIg with dIeese, and fundue. IF YOU LOVE TO DANCE A5 fun n it Is to WIItdl your6-yeBHlId IM,n fim pmltlDTI Various L.ocMIons 1'hone;403-2fi&-3800 W!!bsitI!: Cillglry.Cil/rI!<rHlion Get ICtIIre with I fitness clasJ,. get aeatIvI! with .n ." proglllm, or get Into the swing dthlngs In I d.ncI! class. We hIM!! more thin 20 recreation locations that offi!r I wide Virll!ty ofmop../n ind registered Pf'OSIlimL Chinge It up.nd try50rnethlng new[ tGetMOYIngYYC ClMtCLIMIiNG .aoULDBIM (THE) (403-235-2789; io onl! ofCllnada'.1:II1ost indoor dlmblng gym .. Tty rappeiling. boulderlng. ard courses '1"111"11 from beginner to .dvilnced. INJANAlION (517-353-4652; Injiniltlon.comJ has in Indoor ninja <;Ou ... trampollnl! park. dlmblng _lis, and more! I.cM!!AIrteriaIII N/njQ WGnfofl So do !hi!)'! * an OF CALGAIY 1IECIIEATION In billet clul, It's Important 10 tab your turn to get up and ITIOY8.lfyou've illwilys WlInted to tlIke bililroom. billet, or ~ this is your big chancel AISOLUTE DANCE STUDIO (403-l1Q-Oll!1l1; absolutsllnceinc.c:am) oI'Il!!rs • range of dIfferent dlnce di1S51!5 for ildult!" IncludIng billet. hlp hop, ind burlesque. DeCm!DLY JAZZ DANC2WOIIICII (403-245-3533; deddedlyJiZZ.COm) offen; 1Illn!lll ofmodem ilnd alltuliIl dBnce styIs such u west Al'rian. Krump, Hip Hap. Bollywood,and &ellydanCl!. * MASlEIIIM'S TAEKWONDO (varlou. locatiord;, (~mill5U!rjung.comJ. * llLACJ[ IELT JI.WG'S TAEKWONDO * offers fun. mOIIlviltlng idult di1551!5 whil;h "I!, malntllin orgel: Into.hIope. EVOLUIIDN5ICHDOLOFDANCE(.403-81~7~ g_lo~ \1;1 FOR THE FOODIE If your kids will only eat hot dogs ind II'IiC lie cheese,. and )"OUr weeknight CoIIsserole isn't getting the ~1MI5e)"CIU feel it deseM!S, it might be time to change it up. calglry has man)' businesses whkh cater to adults who Wilnt 10 either expond thelrcuJlnBry horizons or Just am till! bala. From weeknight dane! to Inh!nslveworkshops, theN'150rnethlng fur every schedule Ind every budget. Always wanted \a IeiIm hDwta .... ke dIacolml!s,.. Thai VllrIous JtyIes and RSSIon IenlJlhs In! available for I ~ «Intawts, illld theyotr. weelrdiydilsses dl.l'lng tMlunch hour to KCOIIIITIIIdIot. WlriI!ty« schI!dulos .rd neI!d .. * FIIEE HOUSEDANCEPLUS LTD. Phal'll!: <103-282-0:555 WebsIte; frel!hOUSl! It's not just kids who Ql1 ~ fun. Get •• 1ttI!r, grab rvur pll'IIII!r, and 1M! I spin on !hi! dlnDl! ftoor'lLMIn and Ballroom! Hlp Hop? Tap! We hiVe i gIWIt linge« diisses. Thl! world i.)'UUr oysI:I!r\ YU'S TAEKWONDO MARnAL ARTS CENlIIE (403-258-09Il8;yu:dal!kwondo. org). ind lED PHOENIX. TAE IlWON DO AND MAJmAL AJn'S CENT1IE (4(13-277-71137; offi:r high-qU111ty mlrtlllllU Il!5SOns for III egl!llnd skill level .. REPSOL SPORTCENTlU (403 -233-3393; repsolspo~m) offers nutrition a>U ..... Illng. personlltralnlng, and I wide Vlrlety ofdrop-in and reglsrered fitness classes. * * * cuny, or IInlslllnal brHdl There's. dass for that! ATCO IILUE FL.AIIE ICITOtEN (cooking dl5ll!S: 403-245-7630; itCOblue1\irnekltchen.comJ runs I wide wrlety« SPORT a FITNESS OPTIONS FOR ADULTS SportJ aren'tJustfor bill CIIgIIy hIS III ~nds «unlqUl! sport ind fitness options for iIId'*s, both tam WId individull. There's so muc:h man!! out then! than thl!! trI!IIdmnl In your basement CiOn o/ferl Whelheryou Wintto get In .... peor just stay 1Ct1lle. there's.n optign foryou. <;Oune5 for the cullnuy11dlned, .,dud.,g demonstrltiom Ind hIndt-on c:ooIdng dlsses on. wldeViI'1l!ty «themes. OIEFSI'LATE (chl!nph, de1iVl!rs creatiVl! recipes, Ingredlenu,.and step-by-step c:ooIdnlil Instructions to your doorstep In • refrlgerltl!d box. CUIIINE E1' CHAnAII (4(13-7114-25155; cuioi.-ndchateau. <;om) organizes culinary tours of FmIcE, cooking diisses. .nd wlne-tutlng <;oUrse5 to help you devl!lopygur paIatI! for III things Fl'I!I'ICh. pt'e-prepilred * IU...oRAIl $TULE (403-932-419; Ilborikstilble.comJ hili multl-weel< proglllm for bl!glnnl!B Wlntlng to try their hand It horseback rrdlng. * BMrAlllllal ..... 1 * ..... s-m.eam hItMI * FrIdIIr RuhlllIht N~ * MIll .... * Z-bl. fill fill'll ~nFatlvilI * SprIIIJ II filii Fllillll TrIps * CIInad. DIJ En!nt

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