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The Florida Sun Established in 1931 Shining A Light On Central Florida www.floridasunreview.com Vol. 86, No. 25 Bill Cosby said he channeled Nelson Mandela when prosecutors offered him a deal just before his trial for aggravated indecent assault started nearly two weeks ago, the NNPA Newswire has learned exclusively. The iconic comedian said he recalled visiting Mandela, years ago, after the late civil rights champion had been released from his Robbins Island cell. Cosby said he met Mandela at the cell, sat there and thought about what he had gone through. “I’m not guilty,” Cosby said, further explaining why he nixed the offer. While a prosecution spokesman denied a deal had been offered, Cosby’s spokesman, Andrew Wyatt, confirmed that just before the trial began on June 5, prosecutors approached Cosby with a deal but the “I Spy” legend promptly declined it. “We still hold to the truth that The Truth Shall Reign Supreme June 22 -28, 2017 Prosecution Offered Cosby Plea Deal -He Said No By Stacy M. Brown, NNPA Newswire Contributor Bill Cosby’s spokesman Andrew Wyatt (left) said that prosecution offered Cosby, right, a plea deal which he declined. On Saturday morning, after 53 hour of deliberation, Montgomery County Judge Steven T. O’Neill finally bent to the will of the jury and declared a mistrial in Bill Cosby’s sexual assault case . Mr. Cosby is innocent and this court should declare a mistrial,” Wyatt said Friday, as jurors enter-ed the 49th hour of deliberations. The panel, which consisted of seven men and five women— including one African-American male and one African-American female—told Judge Steven O’Neill that they were deadlocked, but the judge ordered them to continue deliberating. Cosby’s lead attorney Brian Mc-Continued On Page 2 Black PR Wire – Recognizing the vital importance of mentorship in the development of our nation’s next generation of leaders, the U.S. Army continues its partnership with 100 Black Men of America -Brigadier General Ural Glanville, right, congratulates Marvin Dickerson, left, the national President of the 100 Black Men of America, and Inc. on their 60th National Convention. General Glanville said “We are here (U.S. Army) because the Army shares the same mission as the 100 Black Men of America, “Preparing our youth to be the next generation of leaders.” Photo by Ron Campbell, Gravity Media Inside This Issue Page 3 New Census Shows 29% Increase In Central Florida Homeless USDA Announces $20 Million for Jobs for Young People, Veterans Page 7 Smart Summer Snacks Page 12 The National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA) kicked off the second year of the “Discover The Unexpected” (DTU) Journalism Fellowship program with an “Immersion” event in Detroit, Mich. Chevrolet, the sponsor of the program, hosted the student scholars and a handful of NNPA publishers and editors for an interactive experience designed to prepare the fellows for a summer working with the Black Press. The 2017 NNPA DTU Journalism Fellows l-r: Noni Marshall, Alexa Spencer, Darrell Williams, Tiana Hunt, Ayron Lewallen, Taylor Burris, Jordan Fisher and Kelsey Jones. Mrs. Louise Chandler, a B-CU Alumna celebrated 105 years of life this past month. Mrs. Chandler is a proud Wildcat supporter and the longest living B-CU Wildcat season ticket holder during football season. In 2013, during B-CU’s Homecoming, the National Alumni Association and B-CU paid a special tribute to Mrs. Louise Chandler in celebration of her 101 years of life. Most recently, Mrs. Chandler was recognized in honor of her birthday by News4Jax, a Jacksonville, Florida based news outlet. B-CU Class of 1969 Alumnus and Immediate Past President of the B-CU National Alumni Association, Ray Brinson shared, “All of us in the B-CU Jacksonville Wildcat family extend our heartiest congratulations and best wishes to Mrs. Chandler. We love and appreciate her entire family for all of their support over the years. They certainly have done their fair share to sustain the legacy of our Beloved Founder, Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune!” Mrs. Chandler currently resides B-CU Alumna, Mrs. Louise Chandler Celebrates 105 Years of Life This past weekend, Juneteenth was celebrated at the Wellsbilt Museum in downtown Orlando. Dozier School for Boys survivor and now Author Richard Huntly (pictured above), one of the speakers, spoke of the cruelty perpetrated on young children at the reformatory school located in Marianna, Florida. Huntly stated that the school was basically a farm labor camp under the guise of a school. To date over 50 bodies have be excavated from the grounds surrounding the school. Photo and Caption by Ted Hollins. Mrs. Louise Chandler, a B-CU Alumna celebrated 105 years of life this past month. She is a proud Wildcat supporter and the longest living B-CU Wildcat season ticket holder during football season. in Jacksonville and is extremely proud of the legacy she has instilled in her children, who are also graduates of B-CU: Lorraine Chandler Walbey, Class of 1959; Doris Chandler Flowers, Class of 1961 and Abraham C.Chandler, Class of 1969. As they departed to serve, each of her children became educators and retired from Duval County Public Schools. These Wildcats had a combined total of 108 years as educators in the Duval County Schools.

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