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Design INCREMENT Feature JUST THE TICKET Formally Introduced KURT HARRINGTON IN THE RING This colorful stack of oversized (inedible) Lifesav-ers is a toy called O-Rings, and it's the brainchild of Maeve Jopson and Cynthia Poon. The rings are the first product by Increment Studios, Jopson and Poon’s new company that’s designing toys for kids of all abilities. The concept for O-Rings came from many hours spent at the Meeting Street School speaking with teachers, students and parents. Spe-cifically, the pair was motivated by vision specialist Brendan Foley, who challenged them to design a toy for twelve-year-old Megan, a student who is blind and has other conditions including low muscle tone. With a focus on inclusivity, Jopson and Poon set out to make a product that would encourage kids with or without vision impairment or disabili-ties to play together. The different textures of the O-Rings promote sensory stimulation, important for learning Braille; the ability to throw them or stack them promotes gross motor skills; and the ability to crawl through them promotes orienta-tion mobility, important for learning to walk with a cane. At the same time, Jopson says O-Rings is a social toy because it comes apart and multiple kids can play with it at once. Increment is launching a Kickstarter campaign in March to get the toy into production. —Joshua Aromin Courtesy of Increment Studios Want to learn more about Increment Studios? Go to BRAND RI l FIRST QUARTER 2014 95

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