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Warrior Sports page 3 Interactive Mural page 5 HES Time Capsule page 10 Periodical Postage Paid at Marlinton, WV 24954 Serving Pocahontas County in the Endless Mountains of Appalachia MARLINTON, POCAHONTAS COUNTY, WEST VIRGINIA 24954 Pocahontas Times Suzanne Stewart Staff Writer The THE POCAHONTAS TIMES (Post Office No. 436-640 -ISSN No. 07388373) 50¢ OCTOBER 31, 2013 VOL. 131 NO. 23 visit us on the web at Harvest Day Service personnel air grievances at BOE A STUDENTS AT GREEN Bank Elementary-Middle School enjoyed an educational, fun-filled day at the annual Harvest Day Friday. Sandra Simmons, right, shows one of her chickens to the students . Simmons told the stu-dents about different types of chickens and the eggs they lay. Other sessions included candy making, canning, candle making, holiday plates, apple cider, wagon rides and hayrides. S. Stewart photo storm has been brew-ing for months and at the board of educa-tion meeting Monday night, it cracked wide open as the service personnel aired grievances about decisions made by the board concern-ing supplements, and raises given to some, but not all service personnel. Service personnel presi-dent Mary Dilley acted as spokesperson for the group and explained why they were addressing the board. The issues began this sum-mer when the new chief me-chanic’s and mechanic’s rate of pay was based on their years experience at previous jobs. Although the board did not vote on the supplement, the mechanics were given credit for their years experi-ence by former Superintend-ent C.C. Lester. “I want to make a note that I do know that this is legal to give anybody years experi-ence,” Dilley said. “I also want to say that those guys are doing a good job. They’re just in the middle of something that shouldn’t have been unless it was out here in the open. This is nothing personal against anybody, it just needs to be brought before the board and I think approved as a supple-ment or years of experience out in the open so everybody knows what everybody’s getting.” Dilley said the move made by Lester has caused bad blood among the service per-sonnel, causing individuals to feel like they are less im-portant to the board because they have never received ex-perience credit or supple-ments. “All staff members, pro-fessional and service in every school work hard,” Dilley said. “One position should not be better than the other in term of supplements. If you give one secretary a supplement, then you should give all secretaries a supple-ment. No one person is any see BOE pg 11 THE EXTERIOR OF the Salt Cave and Spa was constructed of concrete to look like a natural cave entrance. The larger entryway on the left leads into a foyer/gift shop and the smaller doorway on the right leads into a therapeutic salt cave. G. Hamill photo Geoff Hamill Staff Writer reenbrier County, the site of world-fa-mous Organ Cave and Lost World Caverns, is now the home of a man-made salt cave. The new grotto was dug into a hillside along Route 92 and will house a therapeutic salt spa. Marius and Adriana Grecu bought property north of White Sulphur Springs four years ago and moved here from Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains last year. The two are talented artists and spe-G Greenbrier County therapy cave to open in the spring Floodplain change confounds local residents cialize in textured interior finishes. In addition to their artistic endeavors, Adriana and Marius are dedicated to expanding knowledge of ho-listic health practices. Adriana described the cou-ple’s goals for the new spa. “The plan is to have a gathering place for the com-munity to come together and look at health and our bodies in a whole different way,” she said. “We’ve constructed something that leaves behind the box and makes you look at things in a whole, new, creative way. We have here alternative processes for dealing with health issues. We want to meld together the wisdom of the past with the technology of the future – and then also to incorporate within that -the wisdom that each individual brings into this place, as they come in with their own experiences. So, together, we heal each other.” Salt therapy, also known as halotherapy and speleotherapy, consists of breathing air containing a high concentration of salt micro-particles. Studies from Geoff Hamill Staff Writer FEMA'S FLOODPLAIN MAP change in 2012 has baffled local residents by in-cluding properties that have never flooded and excluding properties that have flooded in the past. The map change has forced some residents to purchase flood insurance, pay higher rates, and obtain expensive elevation certificates. A see Cave pg 9 recent change to Marlinton’s flood-plain map by the Federal Emer-gency Management Agency (FEMA) has baffled and angered town res-idents. FEMA published a new floodplain map in 2012 that affected about 25 properties along Tenth Avenue in Marlinton. The map change brought into the floodplain proper-ties east of Tenth Avenue, which histori-cally have not been flooded, even by the cataclysmic 1985 flood. The map change excluded from the floodplain properties west of Tenth Avenue, which were inun-dated during floods in 1985 and 1996. The reason for the map adjustment is a mystery. No local government officials, insurance brokers or residents, interviewed by the newspaper, have been given an explanation by FEMA. Homeowners have been forced to pur-chase flood insurance in areas that have never flooded. Others have seen their in-see Change pg 11 Boots. Mud. Rain. Don’t let high heating costs spook you! Get a home-equity line of credit from City National Bank to help with those ghastly bills. With rates slashed and no terrifying closing costs, you won’t be haunted later. Oil. Concrete. Asphalt. Chemicals. Heat. Anything Less, And Your Feet Will Pay. Style 1155 Made in U.S.A. Stop by today for details. 304-799-4640 AMERICA WORKS IN RED WINGS Happy Halloween! C. J. Richardson 309 8th Street, Marlinton, WV 304-799-4851 Legals ....................................9 Classifieds............................11 In This Issue Local News ............................2 Warrior Sports......................3 Opinion..................................4 Calendar................................5 Obituaries..............................6 Preserving Pocahontas ........7

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