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HAPPY 100TH BIRTHDAY, JOHNSON COLLEGE! In 1912, Orlando S. Johnson founded a school “where young men and women can be taught useful arts and trades that may enable them to make an honorable living and become contributing members of society.” 100 years later, the Johnson College community remains faithful to this mission. 2012 will be an ongoing celebration that honors not just the past, but also the present and future of the College. Over the years, the College has served Northeastern Pennsylvania by providing programs of technical education that meet industry needs. This has led the College to be one of the region’s premier technical colleges, offering associate degrees in Richmond Hall: 1912 to 2012 Winter 2012 In This Issue... Pg. 1 Pg. 2 Happy Birthday to Us! Board of Directors News Scholarship Recipients Honored Enhance Your Skills Faculty/Staff News Pg. 3 Pg. 4-5 Our Next 100 Years! Pg. 6 Alumni News Student Life Highlights , Birthday 100th College! Happy Johnson Pg. 7 Calendar of Events Feb 29 Spring 2012 Career Fair Moffat Gym (For Johnson College Students and Alumni Only) March 3 Financial Aid Workshop Moffat Building Open House Moffat Building April 26 Financial Aid Workshop Moffat Building May 11 Awards Night Moffat Building May 12 Commencement Scranton Cultural Center May 18 20th Annual Johnson College Open Blue Ridge Trail Golf Club Sept 9 Cars on Campus 2012 Johnson College Johnson College & Johnson College Alumni 13 programs. Students receive hands-on training that benefits them in the workforce and also allows them to give back to their community. The achievements the College enjoys are thanks to the dedication of its Board of Directors, faculty and staff, generous community friends, and of course, the hard-working students and alumni. The next 100 years starts now! WWW.JOHNSON.EDU Pg. 1

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