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Volume XI Number 45 Community, Diversity, and other Overused Words™ Special Election Issue 10/27 to November 2 2008 Roosevelt Elementary School Fifth grade classmates Jason Funston, 11, (left) holds a McCain sign and Cashel Omalley, 10, (right) holds a Obama sign during the U.S. Constitution Day and 2008 Election Forum at Santa Monica College on Thursday, October 16, 2008. The event featured a Q&A Session with official high-ranking Obama and McCain surrogates! Event was sponsored by Phi Theta Kappa, the Associated Students, the SMC Political Science Department and the SMC Academic Senate. Photo by INSIDE: TAKE IT TO THE POLLS: Our Endorse- ments, Page 5 The Case for No on T, Pages 4 & 6 Comparing RIFT with LUCE, Page 6 McKeown: Yes on T, Page 7 Jaffe: Yes on AA for SMC, Page 8 Classified, page 22 Homework for School Board Candidates The Santa Monica Observer recently interview ed the four candidates up for three vacant school board seats in the upcoming elec- tion. Ben Allen, 31 is an attor- ney and a SMMUSD Alum has strong ties to SMMUSD: he grew up in SMMUSD schools, his niece is a stu- dent, and his mom was a teacher. After serving two years on the UC Board of Regents, he saw there was an open seat on the school board. "I'm very interested in Ed issues," he says, "and I think I can make a contribution." The board needs to improve their community outreach, Allen believes, and there's room on this board for someone with his combination of roots in the community, energy and enthusiasm, but also substan- tial public education policy experience. While on the Board of Regents, he worked on grounds and buildings and on improving the University's relationship with the K-12 system. He has participated in several high level executive search committees, including the committee that chose the new UC President, and also the chancellor of UC Riverside. Hiring and overseeing a superintendent is the most important issue facing the board right now, according to Allen. "At the end of the day, the person running the district is the super." The board is not there day to day, they set broad vision, overall strategy and handle the political rela- tionships, and Allen would like to see us re-set the bal- ance, between the super and the board. "It's a better rela- SCHOOLS, Page 2 Winterer: Council Candidate Behind RIFT We asked Ted Winterer, why are you running for City Council “Because I have two young children --a 7 year old girl & 6 year old boy. Santa Monica is one of the great places to live in the U.S., but it’s under extra ord pressure to change, and I want them to grow up in the same city it is today.” “We are experiencing enor- mous pressure to change the small buildings to big buildings. The City Council is divided 3 to 4 in favor of growth, generally speaking. September to approve yet more growth, and I want the balance to change, in order to retain more of Santa Monica’s intimacy and character. Why should people vote for you? “As I see it, the City is apply- ing 20th Century paradigms to 21st Century problems. Take the brouhaha over the ficus tress. I wouldn’t have approved the proj- ect anyway, and not just because of the impact on the trees. We should be promoting fossil fuel free transit, we should be treating the storm water before it runs in the Bay, not signing off on proj- ect after project.” “We need new blood on the council, because with all their employees, they’re not doing the routine stuff. They’re now pro- posing improvements to 20th and Cloverfield, but they still aren’t treating the stormwater. So I They had a vote in thought they could use someone like me with a fresh perspective.” Winterer is a Dartmouth film graduate, a former Recreation and Parks Commissioner, and President of the Ocean Park Parks Homeowners Association. He is an SMCLC consultant who was instrumental in putting T on the ballot. WINTERER, Page 4

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