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What other tips would you offer for a successful outing? Talk about conservation. Just a little about respecting nature, not impacting the grasses, shrubs, and of course, about not littering is a good start. I started early talking about bringing a trash bag and leaving the area cleaner than when we arrived. That is also a selling point to the pond owner when asking permission to fish it. I also tell them about not taking more fish than one intends to eat. Now people use CPR - “Catch, Photograph and Release” as a program too. How about location? Any other hot spots of which we should be aware? Pier fishing on the beach is a really good option. It’s safe, it’s exciting and usually in the spring and fall it’s productive. Additionally, driving on the beaches as a family activity to surf fish and picnic or grill is a terrific option. Young teens and pre-teens really enjoy the emerging sport of kayak fishing, as well as fishing from a small skiff type boat. Remember, it’s not about how big the fish is; [it’s about] stimulating a lifelong interest. Our Outer Banks Fishing School is working on programs for kids that will be available next spring. In the interim, we’re happy to help out if it involves encouraging kids to fish.  —— If you’re in need of additional resources to plan your next fishing trip, check out www.obxfishingschool.com. 15

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