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JUNE 2011 LOCATIONS Badger Blairsburg Bode Clare Duncombe Fort Dodge Glidden Humboldt Knierim Knoke Lanesboro Lidderdale Lohrville LuVerne MAPS Otho Palmer Pomeroy Rands Roelyn Vincent Woolstock YOUR PARTNER 515-545-3145 515-325-6252 515-379-1754 515-546-4265 515-543-4245 515-955-2040 712-659-2227 515-332-3374 515-463-2331 712-468-2893 712-656-2225 712-822-5211 712-465-3145 515-882-3221 515-955-9030 515-972-4471 712-359-2294 712-468-2222 712-297-7579 515-549-3316 515-356-4185 515-839-5531 MEETING WITH THE MANAGER FULL SPEED AHEAD It was evident this spring that as soon as soil temperatures and weather reached desirable levels, it was full speed ahead. Spring applications and planting were, for the most part, completed success-fully, with thanks to you for your business and to our employee team for their dedication in making sure your spring farming needs were met. Due to your dedicated business with your cooperative as well, our By Brent Bunte earnings are on track with budgets, and all outlooks look positive for the remainder of the fi scal year. As many of your fi elds are forging ahead with growth, so too are the construction projects at our NEW Cooperative locations. The addition of steel grain bins in Humboldt, Badger, and LuVerne have been con-structed and are undergoing fi nal steps. In Roelyn, the new concrete grain storage is reaching new heights and is nearing the completion of the building process with electrical work to start soon. The rail load-out upgrades, in Roelyn as well, have been completed and are meeting expectations. This is sure to be a signi fi cant part of increasing ef fi -ciency for NEW and our grain customers. All four of these grain stor-age additions, totaling 2.8 million bushels, are ahead of schedule and will be completed well in advance of harvest. We are eager for you to experience their great bene fi ts this fall as grain is hauled into these and other NEW locations. Your Board of Directors and management continue to look ahead and review where we can add value and ef fi ciency in order to serve your farming needs to the best of our ability. Recently, they approved two additional grain projects to prepare us for meeting these future needs. Lidderdale will be seeing the addition of temporary storage that will add 1.5 million bushels of storage and additional receiving speed to that location. Clare will also be seeing improvements made to their rail load-out. NEW is proud to be able to provide these great improvements. From spring applications, to planting inputs, to grain storage expansions, NEW is moving forward to ful fi ll your farming operation needs now and into the future. Your continued business is essential and very much appreciated in order for us to do so. IN THE FIELD

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