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JOHNSONIAN students from the  Architectural Drafting  & Design Technology,  Electrical Construction &  Maintenance Technology,  and Heating, Ventilation  & Air Conditioning  Technology programs  provide their expertise  during construction. The  homes are inspected  by the Pennsylvania  Department of  Members of Johnson College’s Class of 2011 are constructing this year’s  modular home. From left to right (front): Jeffrey Walter ’11; Tyler Rosko ’11;  Community and Economic  Lawrence Foster ’11; Vincent Rowe ’11. From left to right (back):  Justin  Munley ’11; Matt Vacendak ’11; Lateck Miles ’11; Michael Zangardi ’11; Gary  Development Industrial  VanVranken ’11; Richard Norgard ’11; Simon Frailey ’11; Christopher Smith  Housing Department  ’11; Denny DeWolf ’11 in order to ensure that    Since 1978, an integral part of  the building meets all local and state  Johnson College’s Carpentry and  regulations before sale. Cabinetmaking Technology (CCMT)  Program has been the construction of  a modular home that is then sold.   Joseph Musheno ’78, CCMT  Program Chairperson, states, “There  is a tremendous amount of knowledge  gained from real live work experiences.  Our students benefit immensely by  building the modular home. It is also  CMYK 100/60/0/40   Over the years, Johnson College’s  something that the students will be  modular homes have been purchased  CMYK 100/60/0/40 forever proud of.” by first time homeowners, families, and  CMYK 80/40/0/20 The 33 YEARS OF CRAFTSMANSHIP Spring 2011 In This Issue Cover   Modular Home Pg. 2         Pg. 3      ARC Grant Updates State Senate Policy Hearing 19th Annual Golf Tournament Meet... Christina Curran Pg. 4-5  Student Life in Action Pg. 6  Pg. 7        Back  Alumni Happenings 2011 Spring Career Fair Johnson College in the Community Save the Date: Cars on Campus Calendar of Events May 13  Awards Night Moffat Building Johnson College May 15  Commencement Scranton Cultural Center Scranton, PA May 20   Johnson College Open Blue Ridge Trail Golf Course Mountaintop, PA Sept. 18 Cars on Campus Johnson College Campus those looking for vacation homes. Many    Simplex Industries, Inc., of Scranton,  times, the customer has been part of  partners with Johnson College in  the planning process and specified  order to commence the engineering  CMYK 0/20/100/20 the number of rooms and layouts  and building process. Additionally,  CMYK 0/30/100/30 themselves. CMYK 0/10/100/10   This year’s modular home, which  will have three bedrooms and two  bathrooms, can be yours! Interested  home buyers can contact Mr. Musheno  at 570-702-8933 or jmusheno@johnson. edu for more details. Pg. 1

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