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Monica Gebell, from Rochester Mother of Devi, age 2 and Solomon, age 6 months &#1b; HER BLOG: Aprons & Blazers THE MEANING BEHIND THE TITLE: I'm on maternity leave from teaching, so I'm temporarily a stay-at-home mom. All par-ents – especially working parents – wear a lot of different "hats," so to speak. Aprons and blazers immediately suggest the roles we play in and out of the home: we're feeding our families and learn-ing how to be good parents, and some of us also work in profes-sional settings. I also like the idea of "blazers" as people who try new things and help others to do the same. SHE'S BEEN BLOGGING SINCE: 2004 WHAT SHE BLOGS ABOUT: Trying to feel more competent in my own kitchen and stuff that happens in everyday life; experi-menting with (or without) recipes; a little memoir; and much about questions and new challenges that arise as my kids hit new developmental stages. HER FAVORITE TOPICS: I love to write memoirs. Sometimes I have no idea what my post is about until I get to the end. Usually I wind up writing about something I've learned about cooking or being a mother or a teacher because I've always felt that none of those talents come naturally to me, and improving in each is a lifetime's pursuit. BEST PART ABOUT BLOGGING: Friends sometimes call me up or post on Facebook that they enjoyed reading a particular post or that they generally felt entertained. It makes the writing even more worthwhile if I've made someone laugh. More veteran par-ents, and newer ones, like me, sometimes comment on posts to talk about their own experiences. HOW HER CHILDREN WOULD DESCRIBE HER: My two-year-old would say that my hair is soft. My six-month-old would give me a toothless, drooly smile. ACCESSORY SHE CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT: My yoga pants. And let's be honest here, I'm no yogini. WHAT SHE DOES WHEN SHE'S NOT BLOGGING: Playing and snuggling with my family, spending time with my husband, reading, hiking, and of course, cooking with abandon. CONTINUED >>> Rochester Area & Genesee Valley Parent • May 2011 13

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