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Inland Waters Fishing

Inland Waters:<br /> <br /> Wilderness lakes are teeming with northern pike, bass and walleye. Secluded clearwater streams and creeks are abundant with robust rainbow and brook trout. Mighty rivers swell with steelhead, Chinook and Atlantic salmon as they make spawning runs from Eastern Lake Ontario. The inland waters of Jefferson County provide a unique opportunity to fish an amazing variety of species in a relatively small area. Fishing in the northern part of Jefferson County is dominated by the Indian River chain of lakes. Stretching into western St. Lawrence County, the chain consists of 18 pristine backcountry lakes, ranging from shallow warm-water ponds to deep cold-water basins.<br /> <br /> Lush with aquatic vegetation, the shallow waters in the Indian River chain – including Yellow, Moon, Payne and Muskellunge Lakes – have habitats that support plentiful populations of yellow perch, crappie, sunfish and bullhead.<br /> <br /> Butterfield, Crystal and Red Lakes, which are among the deeper bodies of water, offer excellent opportunities for northern pike, walleye, bluegill and pumpkinseed. <br /> <br /> The deepest waters in the Indian River chain offer great action for lake trout and smallmouth bass. Sixberry Lake and Lake of the Woods are home to an Atlantic salmon community. In the fall, when salmon make their spawning run inland from Lake Ontario, the Black River and Sandy Creek in the southern part of Jefferson County are ideal for landing a trophy Chinook, Atlantic salmon or even a feisty steelhead. Fish ladders on the Black River in Dexter and Glen Park have extended the distance covered by the salmon by about eight miles. In the eastern part of Jefferson County, on the Fort Drum Military Reservation, Black Creek and Remington Pond offer very good brown and brook trout action, as do many of the remote streams on the Tug Hill Plateau.

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