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TRAIL BLAZER PHOTO BY GEORGE WASHINGTON LAW SCHOOL THE NO KILL MOVEMENT — FULL STEAM AHEAD! By naThan WinograD, FounDer oF The no Kill aDvocacy cenTer For over a century animal shelters in this country have argued that the killing of animals is unavoidable, and that the “irresponsible” American public is to blame. Without an alternative model to challenge the assumptions upon which these calculations were based, animal shelters, by default were granted a license to kill millions of animals a year while blaming others for the need to do so. Sixteen years ago, Richard Avanzino, then-president of the San Francisco SPCA, showed us a different way when he created a compassionate, life-affirming alternative to traditional sheltering models. Although he himself never achieved No Kill, he was the first to end the killing of all healthy homeless dogs and cats in a city. And he left us a powerful legacy: the No Kill Equation— a series of programs and services to reduce birthrates, increase adoptions, and eliminate killing that is revolution-izing sheltering and bringing new hope and new life to dogs in shelters across the country. These programs include high-volume and low-cost neutering, comprehensive adoption programs including off-site venues, marketing and public relations, use of social media, proactive redemption efforts, medical and behavioral care and rehabilitation, working with volunteers and foster parents, and pet-retention efforts. It was this model that I used and expanded upon in 2001, when I took over the Tompkins County SPCA in New York—the animal control authority for all ten towns and munici-palities of the county—and created the nation’s first No Kill community. For the first time in any community, all healthy and treatable dogs were saved, The American Dog Magazine | Spring 2011 77

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