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J OHNSONIAN THE Winter Edition 2011 Johnson College was recently awarded a $100,000 grant from the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC). The matching grant benefits the Training Equipment Purchase Project for the College’s Heat-ing, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Program and its Center for Sustainability. Continued on page 4... ARC Grant Awarded A New Lease on Student Life In April 2010, John-son College established its first Student Life De-partment. The Student Life Team – comprised of Devon Fawcett as Director of Student Life, Christine Buck-ery as Residence Life and Student Activity Coordinator, and Dave Coassolo as Director of Athletics – certainly hit the ground running. The establishment of the Department serves to create experiences for students that promote involvement, learning, and success. Recogniz-ing that growth and learning occur in all facets of campus life, the Student Life Team collaborates with stu-dents, faculty, alumni, staff and community leaders to provide in-novative and intentional programs, activities and services that com-pliment the student’s academic experience and fosters their per-sonal and professional growth. Dr. Ann Pipinski, President and CEO, explains, “Students are our number one prior-ity. It is very important to give students a spe-cific resource for cam-pus involvement as well as a unique outlet to turn to in times of both comfort and need.” Several of the De-partment’s initiatives have already met with great success. An Intra-mural Sports program was established in Octo-ber. Many students par-ticipate in or come out to observe these com-petitions. Each month, a new game is selected. Players have the op-portunity to take part in sports such as Ultimate Frisbee, Dodgeball, Vol-leyball, Flag Football, and Soccer. Continued on page 3... Left to Right (Bottom): Adam Turner , HVAC Department Chairperson; Dr. Ann L. Pipinski , President & CEO; Earl Gohl , ARC Federal Co-Chair; Left to Right (Stairs): Jeffrey Box , NEPA Alliance CEO; Dominick Carachilo , Vice President of Academic Affairs; Doug Hampton , Sustainability Curriculum Liai-son to Faculty & Biomedical Equipment Technology Department Chairperson; Rick Fornes ‘94 , Electronic Technology Department Chairperson; Jeffrey Novak , Chief Financial Officer; Marie Allison , Director of Continuing Education; Shir-ley Helbing , Director Program & Institutional Research; Jackie Parker , DCED Deputy Secretary Community Affairs; Roseann Martinetti , Associate Director of Career Services; Katie Leonard , Director of Institutional Advancement In This Issue Alumnus Donation...............2 NEPA Fix-It Facts................3 Center for Sustainability....4-5 Alumni News........................6 JC in the Community............7 J OHNSONIAN THE PAGE 1

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