Biz X Magazine September 2010 : Page 61

and then a real-life tragedy pushed them further in that direction. Back in May, a seven year old girl was accidentally shot by a Detroit Police Officer being taped by an A&E film crew shooting footage for one of the network’s reality shows. responded television Detroit by banning the police from being filmed, so the documentary style wouldn’t be authentic if it was part of the show. Three or four days worth of shooting were Lieutenant Mason (Aisha Hinds; far right) is front and centre in one of the early episodes struggling to balance her job in the department, raising her children and her personal life all at the same time. (ABC/GUY D'ALEMA) done to replace scenes in the pilot that referenced or acknowledged the documen-tary crew and the newest version plays even better according to Hooks. He credits Director Jeff Nachmanoff for making sure that material fit in the pilot seamlessly. Going forward, Hooks feels that dropping the documentary style will remove limitations on the writers and open up the show to more varied points of view, but the visual style is still one of the main things they are developing. “It’s still evolving,” Hooks admits. “We certainly wanted to keep the voyeuristic qualities that lead people to believe they are a fly on the wall and they’re just experiencing this with our detectives. We’ve worked very hard to find ways of doing that.” They are using a lot of foreground elements, shooting through things, so the audience gets an impression that they’re across the room and listening in on specific scenes and they’re also using a lot of handheld techniques to give that feeling as well. Hooks directed the second episode and says moulding the show visually is exciting and challenging at the same time. After reviewing the first four episodes, he has a good feeling about what the cast and crew have put together and as the premiere approach-es he hopes audiences respond to it as well. we are able to get through six or seven years and it remains that way,” Hooks laughs. dOn’T mIss The OcTOber Issue when pArT TwO Of Our excLusIve InTervIew wITh The “deTrOIT 1-8-7” execuTIve prOducer cOnTInues. As weLL, we feATure An InTervIew wITh erIn cummIngs whO pLAys medIcAL exAmIner dr. Abbey wArd!!! “Keeping my fingers and toes crossed that X B I Z X M A G A Z I N E • S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 0 6 1

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