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Hopi-drum player Dashmesh Khalsa, and the assembled trio conjures up a musical exploration of ancient mystery, haunting memory, and shadowy visions. I once described Metcalf’s earlier CD, The Shaman’s Heart, as “a trip way up river into the heart of a … rainforest.” Dream Tracker goes even further, leaving the boat behind and continuing the journey on foot, heading into an uncharted jungle landscape where the native peoples still practice the “old ways,” surrounded by the Earth Mother’s exotic flora and fauna. To Be Home David Newman Nutone Music David Newman (vocals, gui tar, omnichord) continues to infuse his chants and mantras with a pronounced and enjoy-able folk music sensibility on To Be Home. Mira (vocals, cajon, percussion) receives co-billing on the CD’s cover, but there are many other artists present as well, including a large number of chanters who are in f ine voice throughout and instru-menta l ist s playing everything from cello to bansuri to Hammond B3 (oh, yeah!) and electric bass. The gentle yet rocking melodies and rhythms put a friendly, contemporary spin on the chants without undercutting their spirituality. Newman also graces the listener with some English language singing (the wonderful “Heartsong”), as well as interspersing English with mantras on assorted tracks. To Be Home is another winner from Newman. Delicate compositions, featuring a subtle blend of saxophone, clarinet, flute and piano, create ambient auras that relax the mind and caress the soul. Crossing the Water 767715032220 Patrick Kelly’s sensational third album is a beautiful collection of heartwarming music, inviting the listener to sink into peace and contemplation. Windows of the Soul 767715008126 Working closely with Reiki Masters, Llewellyn has compiled a beautiful Reiki Healing Journey music album that creates the perfect environment for Reiki healing. 767715051726 This luscious blend of subtle strings, guitar and percussion provides an Zen Garden inspirational, peaceful retreat for deep healing, meditation and relaxation. 767715005521 Pets can also benefit from the healing Music for Pets sounds of music and this CD is designed as a healing and relaxing experience for the animals that you love. 767715092323 800.809.2595 listen to samples online at: Guided Meditation for Sleep One of the easiest methods to help you sleep! Listen to the soft, entrancing voice and this gentle music and be lulled into beautiful and tranquil repose. 767715091920 September 2010 87

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