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Mike Baber The Memphis Horns learned a lot about entertaining a crowd from their mentor Rufus Thomas (left). Wayne (center), Andrew (left), and Rufus posed for this photo in The Peabody Hotel lobby the day before the Horns left for a tour with Kiyoshiro, a Japanese Rhythm and Blues star who they had recorded with at Ardent in Memphis. Beale Street Can Talk ... again One evening over 25 years ago, Downtowner Publisher Jodie Vance was sitting on Beale listening to veteran musicians remanence of their formative years and past days on the iconic Memphis street. One of the band members sang out a line from W.C. Handy’s “Beale Street Blues”: If Beale Street could talk, married men would have to take their beds and walk. Jodie thought, “Beale Street can talk. It’s talking through people like these musicians.” And so began a seven-year series titled "Beale Street Can Talk." From 1992 to 1999, the Downtowner published interviews from the people who made (and changed) history on Beale Street. In this issue, we turn the clocks back and pay tribute to two icons who helped define what came to be known as the “Memphis sound" — Memphis Horns Wayne Jackson and Andrew Love. Six-year-olds destined for musical greatness: Andrew Love (top) and Wayne Jackson. July/August 2017 | DOWNTOWNER MAGAZINE 7

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